Air Fryer Roast Beef with Roast Veg & Yorkshire puddings (cheat version)

Roast beef, perfect, and every accompaniment is cheating.
800 ish gr rolled roast, crusted with mustard and peppercorn. Coles. Forget, perhaps I never noted, how much, I never take the receipt from those self-service thingies.
Birds Eye frozen roast veg (600 gr, I used 250 ish gr)
Aunt Betty's Frozen Yorkshire Puddings, pack of 12, I used 4.
Coles Frozen Garden Peas. Sort-of a handful in a bowl.
Gravox Roast Meat Gravy with Red wine and Garlic
Taylor-made Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir 2021.
For two humans, and the odd beef handout to a GSD.
Take the beef out of the fridge half an hour or so before you want to start cooking it. Rinse bloody stuff off, dry in tea towel. Recipes say pat dry with kitchen paper towel. Nonsense, unless you want bits of kitchen roll stuck to yr beef.
Pre heat air fryer @ 190C for 15 mins. Philips (we have a most satisfactory Philips) say pre-heating unnecessary, more nonsense.
Put beef into air fryer @ 190C for 10 mins. Oh, did I mention that you should roll it in olive oil, salt & pepper, before you do that?
After 10 mins has elapsed, extract beef from air fryer, turn it over, and stick a Meater(™) into it. Reduce air fryer temp to 180C, set time to 20 mins. Put beef back in, of course. Tell Meater(™) that you're aiming for an internal temp of 63C (just medium side of medium rare. YMMV)
When Meater(™) advises that you're approaching yr chosen internal temp (like 5 mins out) arrange frozen roast veg around beef.
When you attain yr chosen internal temp (for beef, that is, not yours), remove beef, put it onto a chopping board & cover it with foil. It will rest thereon until the General Resurrection.
Shake the frozen roast veg around, and add Aunt Betty's frozen Yorkshire puds (I did say this is cheating). A further 5 mins @ 180C.
Meanwhile, dollop some butter onto the frozen peas before putting them into a microwave oven. With 2 mins to go on the roast veg & Yorkshires, microwave peas for 3 mins.
Get yr wife to slice the beef, unless you like hacked chunks. Microwave the Gravox for 50 secs.
Place Yorkshires elegantly onto a small serving plate, decant roast veg into a serving bowl, ditto Gravox into a blue Willow serving dish, yr wife meanwhile will have placed a few slices of beef artistically onto blue Willow plates, surrounded by peas.
And the Pinot Noir? Use yr imagination.


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