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Rambling for Kirwan Uniting Church Keep in Touch pew sheet 19 January 2020

Almost a couple of weeks ago, Leisa packed away our Christmas decorations (because she knows where they’re stored, and she can pack ten times the stuff which I can in the same space). Then this week, I changed the lectern frontal from Christmas white to Ordinary Time green. That’s a silly name for the seasons of the Church liturgical year which are marked by the colour green. I mean, on the one hand we say that we’re expecting God to work great things at KUC, extraordinary things, and then we say “We’re in Ordinary Time”. OK, you might not, but liturgy groupies like me do. It’s easy to fall into the notion that we’re just ordinary folk, getting out of bed and going along to church Sunday by Sunday is ordinary, for an ordinary service.  Setting a budget is just ordinary, leading musical worship is just ordinary, praying for our sisters and brothers who are ill or sad or at their wits’ end is ordinary.  Weekday and weeknight activities in the church are just ordinary. The reality is