Ramble for Kirwan Uniting Church Keeping in Touch newsletter May 22 2022.

 At Synod last weekend, I did something which I’ve never done before. (No, not annoyed the ecclesiocracy, I’ve done that before, Sheree confiscated my blue voting card this time to keep me out of trouble.) I ordered food online to be delivered to Alex Park (the Synod venue). Many of you will be old hands at this lark, but it was a novelty for me. You sign up to the delivery service, UberEats, Deliveroo, Doordash (I used Doordash), whoever, their app knows where you are from your phone or iPad’s GPS location server, and you are presented with the menus of nearby eateries, accompanied by tempting photos of pizza, curry, kebab, fish n’chips. I plumped for a boring Subway sandwich because I didn’t know how long hot food would stay hot during pick-up and delivery. Pay online, and a map pops up showing you where the delivery driver is, and how long before they get to 1) the eatery, and 2) you.

I suppose one of the earliest food deliveries in the Bible is Genesis 22. Abraham is about to sacrifice his longed-for son, Isaac, who asks his dad, “Where’s the sacrifice?” Abraham’s famous reply, “God will provide himself a lamb” is immediately followed by a ram getting stuck in a conveniently close thicket. And then to show that God can scale up His divine delivery service, He delivered manna (Exodus 16 and Numbers 11) overnight, and added a non-vegetarian item, quail (Numbers 11) to feed an entire wilderness-wandering nation.
I looked up Doordash reviews after Sheree recommended them. They came out well, customers trusted them. I’ve been a metaphorical wilderness-wanderer at various times in my life. Let me give you my review – in fact, let me give you King David’s review, which is my experience too in those desert times when I’m in desperate need of sustenance: Ps 18, The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer … in whom I will trust.


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